Our high speed automatic bottom sealing bag making machine is able to work with other components to produce anything from toilet paper bags, diaper bags, laundry bags and bread bags. The other components that can be added to produce even more types of machine include a hand held hole punching equipment, a perforation device to produce tear off strips and a heat sealing device to keep production stable and your line rolling.

This machine can run two lines of certain bags to increase production rate, the sealing system is incredibly quick and easy to use, ensuring continuous production to not interrupt your workflow. Certain types of bags can be converted into vest bags with this machine and automatically stacked, so that your finished products can be ready for shipping right away. With the advent of industry 4.0 our machinery has also fully embraced automation. With an electric automatic control system, automatic positioning when stopping, a high precision electric eye device to place accurate printing marks and a device that automatically stops the machine when encountering anomalies in the production process.

    • MODEL
    • Width of Cutter
    • Length of Bag
    • Production Capacity
    • Heater
    • WS-260H-2L
    • 26"
    • Max. 40"
    • Max. 150 Pcs/Min × 2
    • 2.4KW
    • MODEL
    • Motor
    • Power Required
    • Packing Dimensions (L X W X H M)
    • Packing Weight
    • WS-260H-2L
    • 1HP
    • 5KW
    • 2.25 X 1.4 X 2.2
    • 1400 KG
  • - Toilet paper bag
  • - Diaper Bags
  • - Laundry Bag
  • - Bottom square bag(bread bag)

LDPE tube film, HDPE tube film, LLDPE tube film